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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What was I thinking?

School started three weeks ago and I've already started a countdown. 10 weeks left. I'm not sure what I was thinking taking 19 credits, running 2 clubs, teaching knitting classes, working part time, donating platelets every other week, and having a husband. Yea. It's my own fault. Maybe this will be good, Hopefully in the next few weeks I can figure out how to make the best of my free time. 19 credits may not have been so bad, but I am taking 6 classes that are all heavy workloads :|    
Anywho, here are somethings I'm looking forward to right now (besides the end of school_
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade
  • Going away for A wedding in April and another in June
  • Spring break
  • Sakura Matsuri at the BBG!!!!
  • Starting the garden!
  • Renegade Craft Fair
  • My Birthday (June)
  • Warmer weather
  • A mystery trip? Hopefully we will go somewhere this summer
  • If not a new apartment
 And thats about it. Why my birthday? So I can make these!