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Monday, November 10, 2008

The future and a sweater.

   There is only 1 month of school left for me. I cannot believe it is over already. This is going to be a long month. Things that I know I will have to involve reading 2 whole novels, writing a 6-8 page paper, and 3 short papers, plus finals. That is not me leaving things till the last min, that is the assignments are on the syllabus but just I just don't have details yet. Im going to start one of the books this week, probably tomorrow. Im also reading this book called "Does Accent Matter?" by John Honey. It was referenced in an essay i read yesterday for class and it got me into learning about Received Pronunciation (think British Oxford English accent). I also need to go get permission tomorrow so that I can register for 23 credits for the spring. Im not really crazy, but I will be taking 16 credits of regular classes, then I will be Teacher Assisting which I get 3 credits for, but does not really count towards my degree per say, and then there is an Classical Indian (South Asian) Dance class offered that I really want to take but again would not count for anything I need, so I want to take that as pass/no credit but I need to overload my credits to do all this. 23 credits sounds impressive though I suppose.
   I am also in the middle of a internal debate with myself about whether or not I should apply to do the summer program in Mishima, Japan this summer. I was all gung-ho about it but then was thinking maybe not. I dont know. I want to go but i'm not sure. I dont want to apply and be accepted and then not go, and apply for the next year. If I take summer classes this summer and dont go I can graduate in May '10. Which brought up the topic of grad school with Matt. I really want to go to school in CA, to maybe UC Berkeley or Stanford for my MA and PHD. But Matt did not seem very receptive/happy about that move. Mainly because of his bands here. Which I can understand but I feel like he should be a bit more supportive of this. Maybe the band will move to CA with us if we go. I just feel like if I am going to continue with Asian Studies the schools in CA have more to offer me than here. Plus I need a change of pace/scenery.
    I feel like I finally have a moment to relax a bit! I started my job at the hospital last week, which involved working more hours than I will normally and two very early days. Plus Friday and Saturday which are going to be my regular days to work. Its going to kill most of my weekend. Sunday Matt and I slept a bit late and then we needed to clean out the gardens for the season. Then laundry, laying in bed and dinner at his parents. I spent almost 4 hours there studying Japanese. My neck actually hurts from reading for so long straight. All my nails are chewed off down to nothing and they really hurt. Grrr.
   Tomorrow is the first night of the knitting club I started at school. I hope a lot of people show up. I will probably get to teach some new people but I decided to start a new knitting project anyway! I really love ravelry and how easy it is to find patterns. I wanted to make a sweater with yarn I already have. So I started this sweater that I found. It will be all green when its done. I hope it comes out lovely. 

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