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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The 7pm Self Portrait Project, The first 3 days.

I've started some new projects for the year. Two photo projects to be precise.
The first (and main one) is the 7p.m. Self Portrait project. Matt and I will be taking our self portraits on a daily basis at 7p.m. To see how we change for the year, get creative with shots in the same locations where we tend to usually be at the same time daily. I'll be posting them on here along with a daily picture. The daily photo project
is to document the little things over the year. Things I would probably forget about in a year that may not be so important, but at the time s
eem to be. These two projects will also get me back into taking photos which I seem to have been neglecting for the past year. Plus why not?
So here are the first three days:

January 2, 2009
Self Portrait: In the stockroom work

The daily photo:
Pints of Guinness with Kate at the Penny.

January 4, 2009
Self Portrait in the stockroom

The daily photo
A box of good from knit; A christmas gift from my mom

January 5, 2009
Self portrait in the Doorway of our bathroom
The daily Photo:
My garden wish list from burpee

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