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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Bentos

I'm getting myself back into making bentos for lunch. Maki at Just bento is doing a 5 week bento challange. Im getting back into the bento swing a bit early, It starts on the 13th so there is still time to get involved. When I do my bentos they are not anything fancy. Im blogging it for the challenge (not required though!) You really can do anything. Im going to be working longer days for the next week straight and Im usually there for lunch and dinner, so I need to bring a bit more with my so Im not tempted to give in to all that candy. (Bad News!!)
I stopped at Trader Joe's on my way home today to pick up some things. I tried this fresh Low fat ranch dressing in their produce section. Get it! It's yummy! 30 calories for 2 tablespoons makes it a nice choice. These  wraps are good too, with 5 grams of fiber they keep you fuller longer.
In The top tier of the bento is mesclun salad, with baby tomatoes, feta, and a Hello Kitty Egg that  I made in my HK egg mold. (Ill post about that another day!) 
The bottom tier has Almond butter and strawberries.
There is also a string cheese, the yummy dressing is in those cute little apple shaped sauce containers! They each hold 1 teaspoon.

Here is my bento .....
...packed in my cute Hello Kitty insulated bag. I also put the tuna wrap and  dressing containers in there. I put everything in this bag and then put it in the fridge, that way the bag starts out a bit colder. My lunch stays nice in this bag. If it was summer I would throw my HK ice pack in there too.
As a side for the Almond butter I packed a few Wasa crackers, some small multi seed crackers from TJ's and some TJ's brand french onion sun chips. I always like chips, and Ive been buying overpriced mini bags from the cafeteria at work.  $1.99 is waaaay too much!

I got this sandwich container at Stop and shop for $3.99 since I frequently bring a PB&J sandwich on really long days, and it frequently (I mean always) gets squashed in my bag I thought this could nicely replace all the foil. Im not sure where else you can buy them online but this link has a where to buy look up. It's also eco friendly and has no creepy chemicals (well I'm sure it some but no lead, PVC, bisphenol-a)
Works nice for keeping crackers, crackers and not crumbs in my bag!
So go make your self a Bento!

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