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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fridays Bento

    Today's Bento:
-Vegetable Gyoza (frozen from Trader Joe's)
- Cherry tomato/ Mixed Vegetable Gratin
-Tamago (yucky tamago today)
-Shrimp/Furikake fritters
- Grapes for filler

The Verdict:
Not bad but i've had better. I like the gratin again. I think I will use less mayo and cheese in the future (I'm trying to be healthier!) There was also a teeny hole in the cupcake liner that I had the gratin in and it leaked on to my gyoza. Gyoza were good as usual. The shrimp fritters were really good, I just wish I had soaked the shrimp in lemon before I cooked them, they tasted a bit fishy. Todays tamago was no good. It looked so nice but it tasted soggy. Not sure why, as there was nothing wet in that part of the bento. Grapes are always good. I think I did not enjoy my bento so much today, because I didnt really want to eat at the time, and was not in the mood to eat anything in it. They forced me to take my dinner break. Its good when they do that at work, as I frequently forget.

Goals For the next week:
-Keep up the cooking in the morning
-Keep up the mise en place
-Plan for the week, I do the "What can I make?" The night before while I prep for the next day.
-Track the calories for each bento
-NOT blow the whole day of eating (mostly) well when I get home at night. I usually get home from work around 9pm and have a habit of eating dinner or a larger meal then. If I need to eat I will eat fruit or yogurt which I will have on hand for this (and bentos)

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