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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Day seven, vacation's over. Back to work and running. I had good intentions last night of waking up at 5:45 to be out at 6 am for today's run (and when I say a run I mean a walk), but when the alarm went off, I saw that it was still quite dark out, quickly allowing myself an additional hour of sleep before heading off to work. (Which for the record you know your job is awesome when you and your boss almost knock down the UPS driver to tear into your shipment of larger than life stuffed animals including a giraffe almost as tall as me and a barrel of hobby horses and unicorns which you then proceed to ride around the store!)
So after a day of playing with toys at work I came home went went out for a run. I haven't been running with my I-pod and I really enjoy it. It is nice to be able to focus on what is going on around me and helps me to pay attention better. There are so many little things to be noticed while running outside (non-running things). Various plants, people watching, people driving by and yelling "I love your tattoos!" The best is I found this kick ass vintage buffet side table which someone was getting rid of and I went back later to get it (and it did not fit in my car) and the guy at the house let me put it up further on the lawn to come back later with Matt's car! Score! i never would have found that if I wasn't running. (Or if I went at 6 am!)
I also got to try out my new running clothes I picked up on the way back from D.C. There happened to be a small outlet near a gas pit stop with a Nike in it. I picked up a pair of knee length cool max shorts, two cool max shirts and a hat. I am happy to say I dig these shorts. They do not ride up on me, the are short enough so you can see my tattoos in full view and long enough to avoid my poor thighs from chaffing. And the cool max is lovely because there is no swamp ass involved later.
Oh did I mention that the weather was beautiful running weather today? It was, I hope it is like this in Disney!

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