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Saturday, September 26, 2009

+37: ~Post

Post race report

I finished in 1:22:33
Not the best time but Saturday is my slow day. Plus I finished!

Good-I woke up on time, early actually. Good-I was not over dressed for running Not so good-I was pretty cold before hand. Good- Didn't get caught up with the excitement of the starting gun by tearing ass across the line. We walked just like we do every run in the beginning. Not so good- We were definitely at the end of the pack, and catching up was not really too much of an option. Good-The James St. hill was not as offensive as I thought, even after driving it the night before and cursing at it. Not so good-I wish I trained on hills more, I was much more shot halfway than if I did 6 miles on flat ground. Good-I had a good idea to put my cell phone in a zip lock bag in the key pocket of my pants. Probably not good- I learned that running up hill and texting is not so hard. Good- Myself, Emily and my friend Kate playing going on a picnic during the painful parts of the run, as a distraction. Not so good- People telling me "You're almost there!" at mile 2, or "It's all down hill from here!" as I start see a hill ahead. Good- People cheering us on, Knuckle bumping with 5 year olds, high fives, words of encouragement, water stops, free tissues, and misting stations to run through. Not so good- Jammed my knee running down hill. Good- The beer truck. This was my first race ever and an eye opener to what's ahead. I need to make sure I keep on my training, look into what the Disney course is like elevation wise and train appropriately. Something interesting: Usually on the Sunday after the Saturday run, I feel fine. Monday however is when I feel the run. This time was different, Sunday I felt terrible (and had developed a cold) and Monday I felt fine (excpet for the cold) Overall- Big win! Glad I did it, and I will do it again next year. My husband even wants to run it next year too!

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