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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Spring break is almost over and i'm sort of excited to get back to classes. Although there is a slightly scary accounting mid term that takes place over two days.

Some things I thought about today:
-I really love cooking, alot.
-Our backyard could use some lawn flamingos.
-20 days till we go to D.C. for Sakura matsuri.
-A year ago I was getting ready to leave for Tokyo.
- I really miss Tokyo :(
-Tokyo really misses me!
-We seriously need to fold the 5 baskets of laundry in our apartment.
-I can't wait for Sunday, I will be off after working a week straight.

Things I need to do:
-Finish knitting my sizzle sweater. I am 3/4 of the way done.
-Read for my Global Issues class.
-Enjoy pizza on Friday.
-Do/Fold laundry.
-Use up some groceries in the pantry.
-Keep drinking milk and remember to take my vitamins.
-Make Matty some lunch.
-Make more bentos.

I also lost 2.6 pounds this week for a total of 5.4 pounds since starting weight watchers 3 weeks ago!
I've been really good about following the plan and am very proud of myself. The biggest thing that I have learned is that just because there is one little (or not so little!) mess up not to let that throw the whole week into a not so good tailspin.

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