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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let go

Friday I was let go from my job. No particular reason. It has been slow. I'm not too upset. I wanted to be out before the madness of mother's day and I am. I would have prefered to wait another week or two though. Tutition is over due and we are going to DC for Sakura Matsuri in two weeks. But I know we'll be fine. I am actually happy that I am not working right now. I have no reason to wake up super early, will be able to cook everyday, and now have more time for school. We are now also going to be shifting to a much simpler living mode. Something that is a good idea anyway.
Right now I am planning our summer veggie garden.
The summer is going to be a great time to grow some organic veggies on the patio. Cheap fresh veggies & herbs what more could we want!
So far I'm planning on all organic:
mesculin greens
baby spinach
bell peppers
string beans

Im excited to be trying out growing organic veggies. I really try to watch what we eat in terms of organic and not. Some vegetables are more important to get organic than others. Here is a list that is a good guide to when it pays for organic and not.

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