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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4th

I cannot believe that it is June already! Before I know it the summer will be over and I will (again) be starting a new school. In the fall I will be attending Stony Brook University. I just transfered there so that I could major specifically in Asian Studies and Japanese. Im really excited. It also means that when that Happens that Matty will be on tour for a month and half with his band Royal City Riot. And then I will be sad.

Our garden is doing wonderful. I spent about 2 hours weeding yesterday. I also set up strings for the hops to grow up on. When I went outside in the morning yesterday I saw our Magnum hops just starting to snuggle up and around the tomato cage I put up for protection. I knew it was time to set up string trellis. I am SO amazed at how fast they have been growing. I should start mesuring them, they say that they can grow several inches in a day!
Im excited to say that my pole beans have made it so far also! The birds kept picking the seeds from the garden, I thought they were all gonners except for one plant. But yesterday I saw that the other two plants broke the ground and shot up! Hooray!

Here's our Magnum! I sent this to Matty in the a.m. We're so Proud!

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