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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


    Im off today (and yesterday!) due to Jewish holidays. I kind of feel like crud though. Monday I was moving heavy boxes to find my fabric box (to make a skirt!) and I pulled my should and neck out a bit. Its not a sore today but I cant really turn my head to the left so much. And I have a really bad knot on the right side. Soo Achy. I just finished a massive powerpoint for my biotechnology class on the evils of Genetically modified foods. I was absolutly repulsed with what I learned. Matt and I are going to go as organic as possible, for our safety. 
   At least this is a quick short week. Just class on Thursday and I'm only going for a Japanese test on friday morning. Friday I am also going to a session about the JET programme!! Which I am excited to go to. The Japanese govt recruits English teachers to come to Japan and teach for a year! Its very competitive but I feel that when I graduate I will have a really good shot at it!
  The weather is gorgeous today! Im going to bake some flourless peanut butter cookies tonight! Yum!

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