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Friday, September 26, 2008

Broke Friday

  So we are *super* broke! So broke till Matt gets paid next month. Since he was out on the road for 3 weeks there is no real paycheck. So it's Friday night and we are just hanging out in out apartment, cleaning and we are going to watch Heros. We'll probably get drunk with whatever is laying around. :) Being broke sucks, but is sort of fun. Im making a game of trying to figure out how to make meals out of the random ingredients we have hanging out in our pantry. On a lighter note I wont be going grocery shopping. I will be trying to find all the events at school this week that are offering free food for pretending to be interested in some club or presentation. 
  I was supposed to work today as one of my last days at the Shit-wreck. But I have been taken advantage of there so much this summer. That I told them I was not coming in today. It has been pouring out all day, and since this is an indoor outdoor joint it's well, dead when its crappy out. Not too many people like to hang out by the beach in the pours of rain. I'm supposed to go in tomorrow, but i'll see how I feel about that in the morning. Matt is going to be away tomorrow and Sunday on the last part of tour.
  I have this biology debate to do next week about whether or not the US government should require the labeling of Genetically modified foods. So i'll be spending the next few days working on that. We have no school on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is nice! Hoooray!

I think I may also sew a new skirt or two this weekend! Double Hooray!

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