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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Currently Obsessed

I have a tendency to go through phases of changing obsessions. Here is the current line up for the day:

Curry: I have managed to eat curry almost everyday for 3 weeks straight right now. Theoretically I could eat curry to I vomit, and then continue some more. 

Kapibara San: A fucken adorable try works cartoon character I discovered while in Japan. I 
brought home some stuffed dolls and a book. I want more now though. 2 weeks ago I finally found some new dolls online which I promptly ordered. I think they so fucking cute and wish I could 
have the cartoons ones as real pets. There are not too many english web sites where you can find Kapibara stuff, so I have been non-stop trying to translate any Japanese sites I can in an effort to find more Kappys.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn is a place that I have always wanted to live. Im on a mission right now to figure out how to make it work. Especially considering that school would be a two hour drive from there, or a two hours train ride with various connections. Boo!

Linguistics: I just added this on and am now doing a double major. It now has me tring to figure out what other languages I want to learn and how. I discovered two great programs last night that pay for you to learn another language while living in the respective country. While you cannot go and learn any language you please, you can learn any language which is considered critical to the US, in hopes that you will continue to study it in the future and possibly put it to use by working for the government. It is something that I am seriously considering for the summer. Russian, Korean, Hindu, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, and Punjabi are just some of the choices. I would want to pick something that I could continue learning when I got back though. 

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