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Monday, October 27, 2008


Bonus to being home sick is extra knitting time. I started this hat about 5 times in different yarns. Finally I decided to use this Jolt from skacel, that I had kicking about in my horribly large stash of yarns. Its a thick, thin deal. The pattern called for 7mm needles. What the heck are 7mm's?  10.5 Us are 6.5mm, and 11US are 8mm so what are 7mm? I have no idea, so I used the 10.5's I should have used the 11's the hat would have been a bit bigger and I would have liked that. It is supposed to be a beret, but I can't really pull off the Beret effect with this hat. So it works well as a short-ish beenie. This will mostly not keep my ears warm. But I suppose a beret would not either. I think I may knit another with thicker yarn on 13's so I can get that nice floppy beret look, which drove me to knit this in the first place any ways. Go Knit it! Its really fast with those nice short rows in the there. Beenie? Or Beret?

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