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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cruddy crud.

I'm sick. I feel like garbage. I cant stop coughing and choking on snot. I cant sleep because when I lay down I end up choking. Yuck. Hopefully in the next few days I will be better. I acctually stayed home from school for 2 days.
Even though I was sick I went out on Friday night. Matt played with the Aggrolites. It was absolutely amazing. They played in a small little venue called the Vibe Lounge in rockville centre. Amazing. I love that band. I love them even more live. I was so sick but felt great for an hour! Then shit for the whole weekend. 
I got a job at the hospital gift shop and I'm starting next week. I really didnt want to work while going to school, but I really need to. Things are super tight otherwise. And Matty's last minute root canal cost us over $600 after our insurance paid them. That threw us off finacially for a bit. Booooo! Yea, so now we will have a little extra money. Hooray!

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