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Monday, December 8, 2008


It's so chilly today, and I just cannot warm up. ぞくぞく(zoku zoku) is Japanese onomatopoeia for shivering.  Today was onomatopoeia day in Japanese, we learned about how different sounds are expressed in Japanese from English. (ex: English dog bark is woof woof. Japanese dog bark is わんわん wan wan) There are two different types of onomatopoeia in Japanese, ぎたいご (gitaigo) which expresses sounds/states of the external world and ぎじょおご (gijioogo) which expresses internal mental states, conditions, feelings.  These Japanese onomatopoeia express more than they do in Englisg by giving sounds to things that do not normally have a sound. Such as  ぼっけっと(bokketto) which is the sound you make for gazing vacantly, something I did not know had a sound! Hopefully soon I will すやすや (sound for sleeping peacefully) I am so tired and have been  ばりばり(the sound of being very busy) with the of the semester school work but it is all most over!
ps. I think that Japanese onomatopoeia is going to be my research topic ^-^!! 

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