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Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Knitting Update

So that list seems to grow. On top of that I need to finish this baby blanket for my cousin. I found out on Thanksgiving that him and his wife are expecting a little girl in March. They live in Nebraska, and will be here December 14th for the holidays. They got married last year but many of us could not get to Nebraska for the wedding so this is our chance. I would love to give them this cute blanket then, but it is really asking a lot of myself in such short time. Especially given the fact that I also have final projects due next week and finals the next two weeks after. I was really pushing myself, but I think that I will take my time with after the holiday and then mail it to them. I think they will like that better. For one thing it will be one less thing to bring on the plane ride back with them. And they wont be opening it with a bunch of other presents, so it will get special attention. (Yes, a bit selfish I know.) So knitting update:
Hat for SIL- done, if there is time I will make another, this was a tad shortish
Hat for SIL's DH- Done
Hat for MIL- Will be done tonight, just need to do dec's.
Chomp Chain hat for BIL- needs teeth, chain and eyes
Question block tissue box cover- nothing yet.
Felted Yoga mat bag for my sister- I will probably cast this on tonight 
Scarf for my mom- nothing yet
Hat for my dad- nothing yet
Hat for FIL- nothing yet
Christmas Balls- 4.5 out of 10 so far. I love making these, so fast and simple!

Off to finish that hat now!

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