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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spiderman and the Ladies room

Today after class I am walking through the library building on my way to my car, and stopped to use the ladies room. Now Stony Brook is a very large school, with a lot of students, and good amount of bathrooms. Usually they are not immaculate, but usable. Of course there is always paper on the floor and some one always needs to hover and brace themselves so high up in the stall like Spiderman, that their urine makes seems to make it every where but in the toilet. 
    But today was something like no other. As I walked through the entrance of the ladies room, and approached the stall I chose the first empty one. My arms full with my purse, coffee cup and books, I pushed in the stall door. I immediately look at the toilet seat to decide if it is usable or not. This one was not. Somebody pooed on the toilet seat. Yes, you read that correctly. I froze. Is this, poo I ask my self. Yepp, that's poo the little moderator in my head confirms. I could not understand how this happened. 
As my eyes lock on to the poo, I can very quickly tell that this was no emergency. This did not look like the type of poo that causes one to run in fear to the ladies room.  No this was a premeditated poo that someone lovingly left on the seat of the toilet that I just wanted to pee in. All the way on the back part of the seat too. 
I turned and left, still not fully understanding how to poo make it there. Was some one out on a vendetta against the cleaning staff? Spiderman must have been hovering in that stall, for it to land there.

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