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Monday, August 31, 2009

+11: Firsts

Today was the first day of school and the first day of real running (No, I really mean running not walking.) I woke up earlier before I had to leave for school to do a 25 min run wearing my new sneakers which are great! Today was a 25 min run day, which I did 1.87 Miles today using the walk run method suggested by my coach. I walked rather slow for 2 min, power walked for 3 minutes all as a warm up. Then ran slowly for 2 minutes, and walked from 2-3, then repeated. I varied the length of the walking based on how recovered I felt, it took a little longer in the beginning and a bit easier at the end.
On Saturday I talked to Coach Jen about this method, looking for some advice. She asked me how long I thought I could run for at a time and I told her 1 1/2- 2 min, and she had a good point, make yourself run what you think you can do, even if you feel uncomfortable for a little (for a very short time frame, not long discomfort) it's only a few seconds more. And when you reach a point where you can run 2 minutes with out being uncomfy then run a little more time. There was a point in the middle of the run during a run cycle where I ran for just about 2 minutes with out looking at my watch, which I normally do and tell me self "Okay only 10 more seconds" or whatever the case may be.
Good deal. So tomorrow I will keep that up on my run, and I know it will suck a little less with each day that goes by. As for the shoes, my feet felt great all day. They were not tired feeling at all, which they have been. I also enjoyed wearing my Chucks around for the rest of the day. They are always like a vacation for my feet.
And as for school that was good today too. I had Japanese first, which I forgot almost a whole year's worth of Japanese. (Not good) Had lunch with a bunch of friends, and felt great about eating my lunch from home. Oh! I did roam through the new cafeteria with them and found this tasty red barely with vegetables dish which I got a side dish of. I will figure out that recipe soon! Yum!

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