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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

+13: Bike Ride

I am so thankful for this beautiful weather that we have been having. When it is 90% humidity I have problems breathing, get bad anxiety and am just miserable. I will take this year round!
Today was a cross training day, which meant any aerobic activity that is not running or walking. I was going to go to the gym after class and use that arm bike, where you pedal with your arms, in hopes to minimize what I like to call my "bat wings" or the flabby parts on my upper arms. Buut it was really too nice out today to be in a smelly gym with people grunting and I had a lunch date with my friend Jen, who is my journalism partner in crime. She found this crepe place on campus that only to find out they keep odd hours such as really early morning and again in the evening. But the lack crepes resulted in a nice walk on hilly grounds. Lunch was veggie burgers and sweet potato fries from our newly revamped cafeteria.
After I came home went out to talk to some bars about my bar night (more to come!!)
I also booked a pamper chef party as a fundraiser, and my letters are going out tomorrow!
Then I went for a really nice bike ride to the beach near here. I love bike riding, that breeze as you roll on! Only problem is my butt hurts bad from the bike seat. I never realized how much I really need to be running and bike riding, since I don't bring my I-pod, I have time to think about anything on my mind or nothing at all. TIme to notice all the little things that would be left unsaid. It's really a beautiful thing.

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