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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Wow! What a great donation day today was! I got 7 donations! (Thanks Carrie-Anne, Mike, Doug, Kellie, Caitlin, Krista and Teddie!!) I'm up to $420 and counting. This is so great.
Kick off is in just two days. My Mentor emailed me today to introduce her self, and let me know that she will help me out with fundraising, which was so nice! (Hi Donna!) This is her 8th race with Team in Training, and her fourth time doing Disney! She'll be doing the half with me too!
We also discovered we are neighbors!

I got my hair cut today too, which was well needed. I walked in and told Lorraine to "Chop it!" She didn't though, she knew I'd be unhappy doing that. So she took a few inches off and thinned out out big time. It feels so much better and I can still put it up when I run. She started running too and we are going to run a 5k in October together. I love how I've been finding new bonds with people I know already through running.

Nike is doing the Human Race again, which works well. It's a 10K October 24 all around the world. That's 6 miles which is half of my half marathon at my halfway time frame, so I believe I will be ready for that one. I'm signing up for the one in Brooklyn.

Matt and I are going to DC this weekend for a few days of well earned vacation (FINALLY!!!) Can't wait! This is going to be a bad eating/drinking weekend, but once we're back it's on! Training in full swing. I may do a walk/run to the White House, it's not too far from where we are staying. Hopefully it is not deathly hot, which I have a feeling it will be.

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