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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

+40: Ugh!

What a cruddy day. We put my dog Sandi down today. She was a good girl, but she was sick and pretty sick. It was for the better.
With that was also a cruddy run. I have a break from 11:40 am to 12:50pm, with classes and and starting at those times. So I thought I would get 4 miles in at the gym at school. By the time I got there and what not it was 11:50 am, I though okay I can still make it in time.
This was just poor planning and setting my self up to not do well. I thought that through some magic that the treadmill has I could run 10 minute miles. I know that is not in the cards for me now. But I thought oh this can be speed training, plus I always work well under pressure. Clearly that doesn't translate well to running. I got in 3 miles, wanted to die, washed my self up (since i decided to wear my running clothes to school and not bring something to change into)and went to class thinking about my dog.
Where I went wrong:
-The gym, it was hot and I felt like I was suffocating while I was there.
-Wearing nice plush, fuzzy sweatpants, they stuck to me like leeches.
-Cotton sock, yuck
-Coors Light Promo tank top I got from the bar, also made from cotton, also stuck to me.
-THINKING I could go from running 13 minute miles to 10 minute miles!!!
-Running with a cold.

It wouldn't have been so bad otherwise if It had only been one of these things, but all together= recipe for disaster.
Actually my stuffy nose felt better while running since it was humid in there and my nose tends to run with me (ha!)

Fundraising Update: $1839.00!

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