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Sunday, October 11, 2009

+52: A little while

Oh it has been a little while hasn't it. It's been quite a hectic two weeks. Where to start...

First we put my dog Sandi down last week. She was 16 and sick. A very tough decision but it was for the better. We will miss our little Puppy Girl.

After running Cow Harbour I came down with either allergies or a cold. I ran that Monday on the treadmill and took a few days off. I stayed home from school and had planned to run eight miles at home since I had to work. When I woke up, it was pouring. Normally I would go out still, but I thought that since being sick I should pass.

Running on Sunday was the plan instead. I hope up with a unhappy stomach waited a bit then went out to run. I was four miles out and uh-oh, I knew what that feeling in my stomach meant and it was not good. I got back home after five miles and that was the end of it.

Monday I picked up back on to the schedule, until Thursday. By Thursday I was so stressed out about the entire week of mid-terms and projects, and my fundraiser which was on Saturday.

Saturday, what a day. Emily was in Arizona so I went to practice with out her. I ran with mentor Carrie and Sheryl the walking coach. I was happy to have them there because I was very cranky and did not want to run eight miles. Especially once I found out that we were doing cardiac hill and snake hill. Cardiac hill sounds too much like cardiac kill. It was also the first time I ran on dirt and sand. My ankles and knee have been killing me all day today.
Then was drinking for a cure. Three hours of open bar, friends, and Royal City Riot! It was fantastic and I am so thankful for everyone who helped out and came. I can't thank you all enough. While we were setting up a guy at the bar donated a 17" Flat screen to raffle off and then Kim's boss stopped by later and gave me a check from one of her customer's for $100! Someone I have never met. The generosity of strangers is amazing!

The fundraising update: $3,308! Yupp, that's correct only $692 left.

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