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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sad News

Many people who sign up for Team in Training do it because they have some connection to blood cancer. But not me. When I initially signed up for Team in Training I was in this for me. I wanted to lose some weight, become more active, run a marathon and most of all I wanted a sense of accomplishment.
At the kick off party we each received a sheet with information of our honored team mates who have been or were living with blood cancer who were there to inspire us through our training. I was sitting at a table by myself reading over the sheet and my heart stopped. I saw my friend Tim's dad, John, on there. I knew that he had been really sick but didn't know too much about it. I decided that I would run for him.
Today John passed away after a long battle with Lymphoma. After hearing the news I was able to make up my mind on the race, I'm doing to full marathon in his memory. Never before have I been so inspired.

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