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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dread-mill and future races.

I ran 2.5 miles today on the dread-mill. It's been so cold the past few days and windy to boot. Enough to make me not want to run outside. So it was dread-mill day. I was supposed to do 5, however It was a good 2.5, I ran hard.

I picked out two races last night to register for after Disney. I'm going to do the Long Island half in May and the Smuttynose Rockfest in October in New Hampshire. The LI half will be great because I know friends will run it and more friends will be there to cheer me on!
Smutty is going to be great because it's a weekend away and sponsored by the Smuttynose Brewery. I'll need a shirt that says I'm here for the beer. So lame people love that stuff at races as I learned at Cow Harbor with my "Udder Choas" shirt. (I cannot take credit for that one though.) Both races are under $50, cheap for half marathons.

I'm pretty sure after Disney and the cold winter starts to warm even slightly I will be more motivated to run more.

However in order to train for the LI half I will pretty much need to start the week after Disney. Meaning I will need to be running in the really cold parts of the winter. :(
Maybe I will get some new toasty clothes.

And thinking about it It would be really nice to run in the preserve parks covered in frost and a little snow. It's like a wonderland.

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