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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Beleated Christmas!

10 days until Disney!!!
It's been quite a crazy holiday season! Between the end of school, papers, running, and getting ready for the holiday it has come and gone faster than ever before. Matt and I decided not to go crazy with gifts this year. Santa brought some nice running gifts for me!

I was wanting a pair of Race Ready shorts to wear in Disney. They are not super attractive in this photo (and they are black, but look blue). These suckers have five great mesh pockets on the back for keeping everything you possibly need on race day or on a long run with you. The pocket in the middle is larger than the others. Inside there is a credit card sized pocket on the inside for super safe keeping.
I had heard about them in the beginning of the season, but I wasn't sure about them. They can only be ordered online from Race Ready. I really do not like ordering clothes online unless I can try them on somewhere first, but one of the mentors on the team, Vicky, wears them all the time to practice and *swears* by them. So I trusted her and got them, and they fit perfect. I wish they were a tad longer, but they will be perfect for running in some nice Florida winter weather! Trust me when I tell you they look much better on you than in the photos on their website.

While we were Christmas shopping I got this Under Armor winter hat and kinda used it a few times before Christmas. It's great! The ear flap come down nice and low and the back also comes down low to keep my neck covered. It also fits my big head and hair nicely. Something that many hats I tried on do not do. And of course it has nice UA wicking fabric in side, so no longer will sweat be dripping down my face.

Also got a training diary to use for the next year. It has some nice calender pages for planning your training. It's nice too because it you get to fill in the dates. Good for taking some time off for recovery.

My mom got Matt and I the entire Curb Your Enthusiasm box set! And the first season of The Office on the BBC! I'm so excited to start watching them, especially since I have no school and now am tapering!!

My Dad's whole family came over for Christmas day. There were 30 of us all together! The house was so crowded, but it was so nice to everyone over. We do a Yankee Swap grab bag every year. I bought a NY Giants snuggie, and my Dallas loving cousin picked. Look at the fake smile. It's great! I got this very cool electric griddle in the swap. Now I can make some breakfast in bed. All I could think of was the episode of the office where Michael grills his foot on the George Forman grill trying to make breakfast in bed! So how was Santa to you?

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