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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Saturday

Saturday was supposed to be my biggest run before Disney(17 days!) however, it became my shortest. All week I was having shin and foot pain. (I know it was from wearing those damn
Ugg boots!) Friday night I questioned running or not the next day, and Saturday when I woke up I questioned it again. But I shook it off and went to practice. I didn't tape or wrap anythi
ng either.

We had a merged practice in Nassau with the whole team and it was amazing, I was so pumped even though it was freezing and about to snow any minute.

Then I started running. With every strike of my left foot on the ground the pain shot from my sole all the way up my shin. I held strong for almost 2 miles out. At the first water stop I told the rest of my pack I had to turn back.

I gimped back with my tail between my legs. It was the longest two miles ever. I kept passing people from the new team, other runners. I was so bummed. Finally I saw coach Carmen and she new something was up. She stopped and I started crying on her. She walked back with me and made me feel a bit better but still it's such a bummer of a feeling so close to race day.

I made it back and left for home, stopping at the grocery store on the way. What a zoo! People freak out with snow around here. I just wanted to make a roast beast for dinner.

It started snowing and this morning when all was said and done we had two feet dumped on us. Matt wished for a white Christmas and he's getting it! We're buried.

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