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Monday, January 11, 2010

Disney Half Marathon 2010 Race/ Weekend Report

I'm back with a medal! The race was great, albeit quite chilly. I finished in 3:01:12 which is pretty good for my first half.

We left on Thursday from JFK on a 9:30 am flight. We flew Jet Blue out of terminal 5, which was recently redone and is gorgeous with lots of nice places to eat and healthy food is easy to find. I woke up with a nervous stomach. So I had a banana, a Fage yogurt with honey and sea salt rice chips which helped to settle my belly pre-flight. Our flight went smoothly both ways. Once we arrived in Orlando we took Disney's magical express to the hotel and got settled in our room. Later on we went to the race expo to pick up our numbers and buy some goodies.

I picked up The Stick, to massage out my horrid IT bands, and a cute Will Run for Beer hooded
tee from One more Mile. After we got back I got everything laid out for the race then we to the team dinner.

The Time:
5k split 41:17
10k split 1:24:55
15k split 2:09:42
Finish time: 3:01:12
Pace: 13:49

The race:
We had to meet the team at 2:30. It was too early we hadn't gotten back until after 9 pm from the dinner. I was so anxious, on edge, overwhelmed and just plain exhausted that I called Matt crying. When I got back to the room after getting off the phone I saw Mentor Rob had decorated our door! It was so exciting!! We took pictures then went to bed.

We got about 4 hours of sleep then tried our best to get ready and not forget anything.
When we met the team in the food court at 2:30. We hung out there for about an hour before taking pictures and getting excited the we got on the bus to leave for the race.

When we arrived at the race the bus dropped us off in the Epcot parking lot and we had to walk pretty far (half mile?) to the gate. It was *so* cold. We are all bundled up and shivering. Coach Dave declared a base camp area. We got out ourblack garbage bags, tore holes in them and huddled under them for warmth. And then, it started snowing.
Myself, Emily, Vicky, Tina and Jess were running together. So we made our way to drop off our bags, then to the potties. I have made it 26 years with out ever using a porta potty. I broke the streak on race day. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, and it was better than running 13.1 with a full bladder. I still will in the future avoid them like the plague.
After we starting making our way to the corrals
which were about a 25 minute walk still. When we arrived we could not even get in the corral it was so crowded! We waited outside the corral for a while. We were all running in the last corral to stay together, and it was not until the corral before us started that we were able to get in.
We all held hands like a row of ducklings so we didn't lose anyone and we got in and made our way up, the fireworks went off and we started! Then Vicky looks back and sees we are the last few people there. She says "There is no way they are basing the cutoff pace on us!" We held hands again and she pulled us up through the pack, and we started to settle into our run.

Miles 1-3: So cold and dangerous! Everyone was peeling their garbage bags and layers off so they were all over the course. I was so scared of slipping on something so I was looking down the whole time. Just as we started running it started sleeting. My face was getting pelted with the little ice pellets and they kept ending up in my shoes. And it was still dark out. Boo.

Miles 4-7: I finally warmed up and was rolling although my legs were still chilly. Through the whole race we were watching out for each other and constantly yelling out each others names to make sure we were still all together. Around mile 6 we got into the Magic Kingdom and it was so nice. There were lots of people cheering us on even in the lousy weather. And I got to see my mom there!

Mile 8: Tired kicked in. I wanted an extra walk break, but Emily said no way. Thank you Em for that. I know if I took it that would have been the end of me, and I would have gotten lazy through the end. We stopped for the potties real quick and while I was waiting for the others we met another girl who was hurting and was also going to run the full the next day. Yikes!

Miles 9-10: We plugged on some more. It was cold, I was tired and hungry and getting really cranky. Mile 10 was a cloverleaf, so we were running on a sideslope, which my ankle did not enjoy. By the end of mile 10 I swore I will never do this again. I also got a bad cramp in my calf, which I could not get rid of and decided to run through it.

Miles 11-12: We were really loosing it here. I got another cramp in my other calf. Em got a bad side stitch and refused to stop. We slowed down and I pulled her arm over her head to stretch it out as we running. I'm sure it was a sight to see.

Mile 13: Is it over yet? I just wanted to be done. Em and I were cranky and on the verge of tears from lack of sleep. We got to the end of mile 13 and I yelled "Oh my god, we still have another tenth of a mile?!" I was pissed.

Mile .1: That was the longest tenth of a mile ever. The finish line was in sight. Em and I held hands and raised them up as we crossed. 3:01:12 was my time. As soon as we crossed we were crying and hugged. We were so happy we finished! Then we saw Tina and Vicky and had a big group hug. It was such an amazing feeling to have finished! We got our heat sheets and stopped on the side to catch our breath. I was wheezing so bad. We kept walking then got out medals and I hugged the guy that gave me mine. Then finisher pictures, which I'm sure look amazing after running in the rain, sleet and crying. Powerade, food, then the baggage line. It took so long to get my bag! I was so cold and my teeth where chattering, and my fingers were so numb I could barely peel my banana. It was sad.

After I got my bag I made my way to the TNT tent to check back in and let them know I was safe. I got my TNT finisher pin and changed in my dry sweats, hugged the rest of my team mates and then found my Mom. My friend Pam took some pictures of me after and I look like I should be on a Red Cross disaster relief commercial. So sad. We made our way to the bus line and I got
on my bus back to the hotel. I was so happy, it was soo warm and a place to sit.

After Em and I got back we took showers and then debated food or sleep. But since we had to walk a little bit far to get to the food court we decided to wait and sleep. It was the best sleep ever.

We woke up and got food. I had a double bacon cheeseburger with fries. It was so gross but so good. I deserved it!

That night we met up with my Mom and Pam and her family at Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club for a a seafood buffet dinner. A great end to a long day!

Emily and I in our comfy clothes with our medals.

Dinner at Cape May Cafe, one big happy family.

Sunday I got to sleep a bit late. I met my mom in Epcot for a bit then I met up with my favorite Rich, who I haven't seen since he moved to Florida! We spent the after noon catching up and drinking around Epcot.
Epcot is really rad. I love the world section where you can be transported around the world in a matter of a few steps. I want to go back there with Kuma, he'd love it. Rich was saying there is a food and wine festival in the fall that involves a half marathon. Sign me up!

Emily, Vicky and I in the Orlando airport.

Even though the weather was lousy it was still a great experience. And even though I swore during mile 10 that I would never run another half I will be signing up for another one.

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EricaH said...

Great race report and congrats on finishing. I wish I could make it out to Florida after reading so many race reports this week it looked like a really cold but fun time. :)