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Friday, January 15, 2010

Post race withdrawal

It's just like after my wedding. I was so bored, all the time I spent training has created a void. I've been just bumming around, and working a lot and reliving race day in my head. It was so amazing. I cannot wait to do another half. Emily and I are going to do a nice easy short run tomorrow, not early though.
I applied to be a fundraising mentor for the Team in Training summer season, and I found out today I was accepted! My team will be doing the Long Island Half or the Rock N Roll Half/Full in San Diego. I decided I am definitely going to do the LI half, and I'm on the fence about signing up for RNR too and doing the fundraising again so soon. I know I could do it though. So two definite races so far for the year are the LI Half and the Smuttynose Half in October.
I also got my finisher pictures the other day and before receiving them I was sure they
would be horrid. However they turned out nice:

My Finisher Picture
Somewhere near the end in Epcot.

Emily and I right before crossing the finish line. We decided to hold hands as we crossed.
WE DID IT! Would you believe it took us 40 minutes just to cross the starting line? There was that many people.

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