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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disney Swag

Just a quick post to show off some Disney swag! My mom and I went to the expo on Friday and she spoiled me with some good stuff. She's so proud of me!

An absolutely snugly hoodie. They also had this nice Donald Duck half marathon tech shirt the day before, but it was already sold on on Friday :(
This is a really nice hoodie, which does not come up too high and choke my neck.

Half marathon visor
This was the race shirt we got for free at packet pick up. Nice because it's long sleeve, and tech fabric. I wore it today on a short run and it was perfect, breathable and kept me warm.
A Mickey Mouse Bondi Band for my hair. I wanted the half one but it was white, and since I dye my hair it would be red in a short amount of time. This band is great! Vicky had one on at the Friday morning run. Since it's so wide it efficiently keeps all my little bird feathers (the short little fly-aways around my face) from sticking to my sweaty face when I'm running. This will be essential in the humid weather.

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